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Swap This! released for iPhone and Ipod Touch

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 27 January 2011

How many games let you save crazy-cute piranha-like creatures stuck in ice blocks with this much speed and intensity? There’s only one - SWAP THIS! – a whole new swapping game experience.

Players will find themselves addicted to killing a few minutes or a few hours freeing cute piranha-like creatures from their frozen ice blocks in this freakishly fast matching game. The innovative and rewarding gameplay in Swap This! allows swapping from anywhere on the game board. An all-new game world, new characters, multiple game modes and deep integration with social networks heighten the Swap This! frenzy for players.

- Three different game modes mix up the gameplay. Battle enemy fish in Fish Fight, have some blitz fun in Minute Match or test your wits in Puzzle Mode with over 45 puzzles

- Compete against your Facebook Friends, watch live leaderboards and boast on Twitter

- Five special power-ups to help break the ice

- Full Retina Display graphics

- Dozens of animations complete with cutscenes and various enemy fish models

(Released by EA but developed by Two Tribes)

Swap This Screenshots and Trailer

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