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Blitz 1UP signs spooky arcade puzzler Purify Puzzle

Posted by Dave Seaman on Monday, 31 January 2011

2011 Jan 28

EAMINGTON SPA, UK Blitz 1UP signs arcade puzzler Purify Puzzle, developed by Paper Child Studios for worldwide PC release

Blitz 1UP, the Indie game initiative from Blitz Games Studios, have today announced the signing of Purify Puzzle, an arcade puzzle game developed by Paper Child Studios. With original gameplay and a unique look and story, Purify Puzzle is set for worldwide release in February this year.

Your job is to help Ashley, a good witch living in the human world, whose precious spell book has been stolen by evil spirits. As you move through the haunting landscape you’ll be helped by Maximilian the vampire, the rebellious son of the king of the netherworld. To get through the puzzles and purify the land you have to overcome powerful spirits, such as the Pumpkin King and Skull Knight. An original score and beautiful, hand-drawn animations draw you through Ashley's spellbinding world, while high-definition story cinematics tell the story of her battles, victories, and losses.

Featuring classic arcade gameplay and head-to-head multiplayer, Purify Puzzle has something that will appeal to everyone:

* Three single player modes: Time Attack, Survival, and Arcade
* Over 30 levels of single player arcade action
* Head-to-head local and online multiplayer, with leaderboards to track scores from around the world
* Rich, hand-drawn, anime-influenced art style tells an engaging story
* Fun, quirky and original sound score.

"Paper Child Studios have created a really fantastic game in Purify Puzzle, it's choc-full of old-school arcade puzzle goodness that harks back to classics like Puzzle Bobble and Super Puzzle Fighter,” says Blitz 1UP Producer Neil Holmes. “We're really excited to add Purify Puzzle to the growing list of great games that Blitz 1UP has supported. We love it and we think you will too!"

Adds Michael Lubker, Paper Child Studios’ Producer: “We are very excited to have Blitz's support and expertise in bringing Purify Puzzle to market. We hope that it will bring success to our game projects current and future!”


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