Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tweense Launches Kickstarter campaign to develop River Town, a Farming Role Play video game

UNITED KINGDOM, GLASGOW -- Apr 02, 2014 -- Tweense, an independent game development studio is pleased to announce the launch of a kickstarter campaign for “River Town”, an incredibly ambitious farming game which provides players with an option to create their own script and alter the course of game!

Today, ‘Tweense’ finally launched their 35 day Kickstarter campaign, which will allow them to complete the development of their new game “River Town.” The people behind this game are looking forward to reach the goal of £24,000 to complete the development of this game and make their vision become a reality.

“River Town is pretty much like a one, big Novella or Soap Opera. You never know who is who and what happens next.”

The game is priced at £10, and the contributors will get the opportunity to receive the game with backers exclusive content. Besides, they will even get a chance to buy some awesome stuff such as art books, putting their own pet into the game, design characters, etc. The developer team has also set up some creative stretch goals, and once some of these are unlocked, the contributors will get the opportunity to vote for certain features like suggesting a new animal or customisation. Furthermore, River Town has been submitted to Steam’s Greenlight platform to bring the title to Steam users.

About The River Town Game

River Town is basically a rural themed role play game, which has been inspired by the classics such as Harvest Moon or The Sims. The premise of River Town involves a young man who has become disenchanted with modern economic life. He decides to leave everything behind and live on a farm on his own terms. In this game the players will get the opportunity to possess a farm and choose the types of animals and crops they want to keep in the farm. The main objective of this game is to provide a unique farming and social experience. The best thing about this game is that the players can create their own scripts and decide what they want to happen. Player can interact with villagers in different ways, which may either build or destroy the reputation, just like in every town.

About Tweense

Tweense is the brainchild of Konrad Jarosinski who is a game designer and developer. Currently finishing his Game Design degree at Glasgow Caledonian University and researching possibilities of using video games in education. Have participated in multiple game projects and has experience within game testing sector.

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