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Friday, 13 April 2012

Touchdown Wars: a free to play browser game in development, Kickstarter campaign active

Touchdown Wars is an MMOFFG (Massively Multiplayer Online Fantasy Football  Game) - so there's a nice new acronym for you.  Below are some of the features of the game, screenshots, and the all-important Kickstarter page:

Touchdown Wars will allow you to create and customize football players, teams, and leagues.  You will be able to add custom equipment, training, and other upgrades to your players and teams before competing against friends and enemies online.
  • Strategic Play:  Fully manage the progression of your football player’s career.  Act as owner and GM of your franchise by signing players, hiring a coaching staff, and building a stadium.  Compete against other teams in virtual leagues and seasons.
  • Stat Tracking:  Full statistic simulation based on team composition, coaching strategy, player skill level, and other outside influencers (such as home field, weather, etc).  Games are simulated on a daily basis in accordance to the league schedule with real statistics being produced on a per-player and per-team basis.
  • Awards:  Players and teams earn awards throughout the season just like the real thing.  A Superbowl champion is crowned, offensive & defensive MVPs are selected, and team specific awards as chosen by the owner/GM (Captains, Most-improved, etc).
  • Achievements:  End-users also earn game related achievements as they play the game.  This could be as simple as logging in for 2 weeks straight, going undefeated in a season, winning multiple championships in a row (becoming a dynasty), or even spending excessive money on luxury stadium items. 
  • Custom Players and Profiles:  Pre-built “computer” football players will be available to be used on teams.  However, users will also be able to create their own unique players with unique statistics and qualities.  Those players can then be signed to another user-based or computer-based team to perform in a virtual league.  One of the responsibilities of the user is to manage the career of their player by controlling their training or “practice” each day.  The skill improvements earned is specific to the type of training the user chooses.
  • Custom Teams:  While there will be computer run teams in some leagues, users are also able to create and manage their own team/franchise.  The user chooses their team name, logo, city, and other miscellaneous details and is responsible for managing the team throughout the season and off-season.  Managing the team consists of signing players, hiring a coaching staff, and customizing their stadium.
  • Custom Trainings and Equipment:  Players and teams can improve in multiple ways.  Players can upgrade their skills through their own training (managed by the creator of the player) and through their teams daily practice (managed by the owner/GM of the team).  Players can also be equipped with skill-modifying equipment such as gloves, helmets, cleats, etc.  Teams also gain advantages based on the quality of coaching staff they have hired and stadium facilities that have been built.

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