Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Need Sprites for Your Game? Roencia Lets You Build Them With "Indie Graphics Builder" via Kickstarter

Rexburg ID, USA – 2nd April 2014 – Today marks the half-way point for the Kickstarter Indie Graphics Builder which will allow the Roencia team to complete development on the project.

With IGB you can create: Animations, characters, spaceships, maps, platforms, puzzles, icons, and much more. These assets are royalty free for video game development.

With a little effort you can make your assets different then other people. Many of the assets are in modular pieces, so you can construct, change, and make unique your own graphic creations.

Project Link:

The whole package comes at $89 for an early backer pledge. This means you'll be able to download 10,000 graphics right after the kickstarter from IGB and then receive constant updates through the Steam service.  The team could really use your support. Look at the exciting pledge options and get in on a chance to have a personal artist working for you with the Indie Graphics Builder.

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