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Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 18 February 2010

Just to get things started here, below are the indie games I've reviewed over at my PC Gaming Blog.  I'm not planning on having any reviews on Indie Game News, though I'm happy for reviews on other sites to be linked to by game authors.

  • New Star Grand Prix - live the life of a Formula One driver!
  • Super Laser Racer - futuristic racing game
  • New Star Soccer 4 - play a footballer over a whole career
  • New Star Soccer 2010 - as above, but even better!
  • Awesome Soccer - 16-bit style football action
  • New Star Tennis - think you can outdo Andy Murray? Here's your chance!
  • AI: Fleet Command - deep strategic RTS with inovative AI opponents
  • BOH - retro-style exploration in the style of Alien Breed
  • Chains - mind-bending puzzle action with realistic physics and a fantastic soundtrack


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