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BOH update10 in the works

Posted by saimo on Tuesday, 23 February 2010

BOH players might be pleased to know that update10 is in the works. Lately, a few changes were made that convinced me to prepare a new update. For now update10 does the following:
  • makes enemy fields harmful like traps;
  • adds recoloring of statistics screen according to mission outcome;
  • makes global time recalculation more robust (shared buffer was used);
  • updates user's manual;
  • applies various other changes.
New changes are being evaluated. The update will be released when it will be substantially richer.


CaptainD said...

Great to see you're so committed to continuing development of this game, Simone.

saimo said...

I just love it (both the game and the development, I mean), so it seems I can't stop! :D

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