Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Kradens Crypt - Co-Op Combat Dungeon Crawling with drag-based attacking mechanics

I think the "drag-based attacking mechanics" doesn't have anything to do with cross-dressing?  Um... sorry, here's the info! :-)

Kraden's Crypt is a physics influenced co-­op dungeon crawler video game for up to four players. This is not a regular rogue-like game: In Kraden's Crypt, you control your weapons by changing their momentum with mouse movements (or by swinging the gamepad thumbstick).

You can wield hammers, bows, swords, shields and many spells. Each of these weapons has its own unique combat mechanics. The sword, for example, is a great weapon to deal fast attacks. It can be paired with a shield, bow or spells, but you can easily become overwhelmed by multiple enemies. The hammer, on the other hand, enables you to deal heavy blows that can devastate multiple enemies. Its massive size and weight, however, require that you use it with both hands, leaving you more vulnerable and without an extra weapon slot.

Other physics elements are also factored into your attack, such as player speed, weapon swing speed and enemy speed. There will also be other ways to interact with the environment to damage enemies.

  • Heavily animated 2D graphics.
  • Player controlled momentum: Attacks require more than just pressing a button.
  • Single player, couch and online co-op multiplayer.
  • A large variety of monsters and bosses.
  • Handcrafted rooms; randomly built levels.

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