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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Gamer Based Cryptocurrency Gamers Coin Arrives

I'm not really au fait with cryptocurrencies and see no real reason to spend the mental energy to become so, but for those that are interested, here is the information:

On February 17 of 2014 a new Cyrptocurrency arrived the Gamerscoin (GMC).

Like many extensions of the Bitcoin concept, the gamer-entric fork in digital commodity family offers a range unique elements.  One of Gamerscoin‘s competitive advantages is speed.  Gamerscoin is promoted as having a transaction confirmation speed of 60 seconds or less.  The GMC is still a relatively new currency being traded on a handful of exchanges
but combined with its gamer community based focus (including community on Steam) for the currency, the GMC may be worth a look.

Gamerscoin is made by Gamers for Gamers


GamersCoin Well Foundation:

Gamerscoin Twitter:

Gamerscoin Open Souce Projects:

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