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Thursday, 1 January 2015

The indie dream lives, then dies, and is then reborn...

Well, 2014 was certainly an interesting year.  In many way it was a good year for me in terms of my indie dream - the term means different things to different people of course, but to me it simply means being able to get to a stage of being able to earn a living from making games - but in terms of actually achieving that dream, it feels like I didn't really get very far.

I've certainly made progress on my commercial games, Captain Disaster and Troll Song, and other projects.  I've made a lot of new contacts in the indie field.  I've started working with new people as well as continuing to work with existing collaborators.  I was able to attend Adventure-X 2014, meeting a whole load of cool people and presenting 3 of my games.

Sadly though, when it comes to actually working towards being able to leave my day job, it's not even remotely happening.  A measure of success and / or acclaim and / or gaining a fanbase is great, but if it's not bringing in any money, you can't think about leaving work... especially when you have a young family support (this also doesn't help in terms of gamedev time though of course I wouldn't be without them for the world! :-D).  I'm reluctant to do a Kickstarter because unless I could raise enough to support myself and my family for a minimum of 12 months from the KS proceeds alone, I could not even begin to think about leaving my job.

So, 2014 has been and gone... my hopes now rest entirely on 2015.  To be honest, if I don't make it this year, I'm probably going to have to pack the dream in entirely - as other indie devs know only too well, at times you have to make sacrifices, especially when you're first trying to make it, and while I try to keep a balance, I know that my real-life responsibilities have taken a hit far too often.

While it's not exactly helped financially I have also been trying to grow and its related communities, and to an extent succeeded - I would like to think that this site has, and will continue to, help out indie devs who are struggling to get any press for their games.  I will continue to try to do this.  As always, any help given by people in terms of links, mentions, shares, likes, retweets, +1, etc are always very much appreciated.

I hope I didn't sound like I'm complaining because that's really not my intention, it's just a simple fact that 2014 delivered only a fraction of what I'd hoped to achieve in terms of indiedev.  2015 is looking very promising though so watch this space!

Best wishes for this year to all indie devs, whatever your indie dreams are, I hope you manage to achieve them!!

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