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Friday, 2 January 2015

Grey Alien Games release "Regency Solitaire"

Yet another new release by prolific indie studio Grey Alien Games - check out also my interview with its Director, Jake Birkett.

Experience the romance of Regency England, in this sumptuous solitaire game. Help Bella take charge of her destiny and create the ballroom of her dreams. 

Play your cards right as you tour historic locations, from stately homes and lavish gardens to the fashionable towns of London, Brighton and Bath. Decorate the family ballroom to unlock gameplay features and improve Bella’s chances of finding true love! 

Avoid the clutches of the odious Mr. Bleakley, and reclaim a lost fortune. Cupid’s arrow can’t fail to find his target - in Regency Solitaire, love is always just around the corner. 

- Smooth, satisfying solitaire gameplay.
- Makeover Bella's ballroom and costume.
- Sumptuous art and romantic storyline.
- 180 unique levels spread over 20 chapters.
- Purchase 31 exciting gameplay upgrades.
- Normal and Hard modes.
- Specially-composed, classical music.
- Can set backgrounds as Desktop Wallpaper (PC only.)
- This game is DRM-free!

Price: $9.99 / €7.99 / £6.99


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