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You might be wondering if there is any particular reason for you to consider buying a game via our store rather than any of the other many places you could buy from.  Obviously it's completely up to you, but if you are kind enough to think about buy via our store, here's what happens to the money:
  • Some goes to the developer
  • Some goes to BMT Micro 
  • Some goes to me
    • (I'm not giving specific figures above because the developer sets the commission rate for each title.)
So you will be supporting now only the indie dev, but also BMT Micro - who have been supporting indie devs for many years - and also me, who has been doing our best to support indie devs since February 2010 (longer than that really on my PC Gaming Blog, but in terms of, since Feb 2010).  You will also be helping to support my own indiedev, which will hopefully start to support itself at some stage but at the time of typing this, it most definitely isn't!  (To have a look at my own games, at least two of them, check out the Troll Song Dev Blog and the Captain Disaster Dev Blog.  Oh, you can also check out my free games and stuff on my GameJolt Profile.)

So there you have it.  If you're still interested in having a look at what games we're currently promoting for sale, check out the categories below.  All games, as far as I know, have a free demo available that gives you an hour's playing time.

You can also check out the Indie Games section of
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