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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Inquisitor’s Heartbeat Extended Play: the innovative Audiogame for blind players

Inquisitor’s Heartbeat is an innovative Audiogame which doesn’t discriminate blind and sighted users, and the developers Rising Pixel are going to release a brand new Extended Version next June.

The title was positively praised by the critics, as it manages to offer a full experience to anyone. We didn’t adjust the game to make it accessible, but it was specifically designed for blind users: only audio feedbacks can help you to mind your surroundings. 

The Extended Play (EP) version is the result of everything we learned thanks to all the suggestions and feedbacks received from our players. We decided to take all this data to enhance the whole game experience for everyone. Here’s a list for you:
  • enhanced player > environment interaction
  • More game mechanics, maps and dialogues
  • You wanted to fight. So bad. Now you can!
  • enhanced social experience with Online score charts and social network sharing
  • enhanced accessibility for sighted users (new menu design and graphics)

Inquisitor's Heartbeat EP will be released during 2015 for Windows Phone, iOS, Pc and Mac.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Blox released for iOS, Android and Windows8 Phone

Blox is a new puzzle #indiegame for mobile devices by #indiedev Mark Dunn.  

There are two distinct game modes:

Gravity Mode

Put your mental wits to the test as you control gravity in order to eliminate all the blocks on the grid. Simply shift the blocks into clusters of 3 or more through rotating your device (or using the onscreen buttons) to change gravity, and attempt to clear the grid in the allocated number of moves.

Standard Mode
Pop blocks in clusters of 3 or more to clear the grid from top to bottom within the move count. Switch between Motion and Standard levels in the Settings Menu.

• Motion and Standard Puzzles.
• Hue and Colour Mode.
• Colour Blind Mode.
• No In-App Purchases.
• No Adverts.
• Motion and Standard Control methods.
• Sleek, Minimal Interface.

You can get Blox from the following digital stores:
  • GooglePlay 
  • iTunes
  • Windows Phone store
  • Amazon Apps

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Chicken Invaders® 5 Game Launched for PC, Mac, Linux

Athens, GR -- December 1, 2014 -- InterAction studios announced today the immediate availability of "Cluck of the Dark Side", the latest episode in its flagship Chicken Invaders® series of games appropriate for all ages. The game puts players at the forefront of a battle against invading intergalactic chickens, bent on revenge against the human race for our oppression of Earth chickens. In this episode, the chickens have hatched a devious plan to block out sunlight and freeze Earth to death. It's up to the player to travel around the galaxy in order to piece together an ancient artifact and (quite literally) save the day.

The familiar space action has been expanded with up to 200 chickens on-screen simultaneously, and the series' trademark finger-blistering shooting action is omnipresent. A new feature in this episode is the addition of planetary missions, where the action takes place on weird and wonderful alien worlds. Players will find themselves shooting chickens in the deepest reaches of frozen oceans, along endless caverns lined with precious crystals, and during planet-wide electrical thunderstorms alike. Player customization has been significantly enhanced with the capability of coloring, painting, and decaling every aspect of the player's spaceship. Replay value has also been extended with the addition of 31 unlockables, ranging from simple space backgrounds to scoring boosters to game-changing add-on rules.

Chicken Invaders® was introduced in 1997, with the game series making its first public appearance in 1999. Since then, it has won over 50 awards and has been downloaded over 170,000,000 times. It has been translated to 9 languages and made available in 154 countries, reaching Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, mobile phones, and retail outlets alike.

About InterAction studios

InterAction studios ( was founded in 1992 and has since developed more than 32 games, making it one of the oldest and most prolific game developers in its field. It specializes in premium casual games appropriate for the whole family. Hallmarks of its design philosophy include action-oriented gameplay, intensely colorful visuals, and a light-hearted, non-violent approach.

(Non-violent, that is, unless you're a chicken...)

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Friday, 21 November 2014

G5 Games Sale

Okay, I'm not entirely sure exactly how many of these are actually indie games, but I'm sure some are.  Anyway, if you like hidden object or strategy games, you may well like some of these.

  • Nightmares from the Deep™: The Siren's Call will be available for only 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad, Mac
  • Dreamscapes: The Sandman Collector's Edition – 99¢ on iPhone and $1.99 on iPad
  • Mystery of the Opera – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone and $1.99 on iPad, Windows Store, Mac
  • Special Enquiry Detail: Engaged to Kill™ – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad, Windows Store, Mac
  • Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad, Windows Store, Mac
  • The Magician's Handbook II: BlackLore – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad
  • Royal Trouble: Hidden Adventures – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad, Mac
  • Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad, Windows Store, Mac
  • Virtual City® – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad, Windows Store, Mac
  • Treasure Seekers 4: The Time Has Come – 99¢ on iPhone and $1.99 on iPad
  • Treasure Seekers 3: Follow the Ghosts, Collector's Edition – 99¢ on iPhone and $1.99 on iPad
  • Treasure Seekers 2: The Enchanted Canvases – 99¢ on iPhone and $1.99 on iPad
  • Treasure Seekers – Visions of Gold – 99¢ on iPhone and $1.99 on iPad
  • Vampires: Todd and Jessica's Story – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad
  • Where Angels Cry – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad, Windows Store, Mac
  • Inbetween Land – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad, Mac
  • Youda Survivor 2 – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad
  • Youda Survivor – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad
  • Paranormal Agency™: The Ghosts of Wayne Mansion – 99¢ on iPhone and $1.99 on iPad
  • Totem Tribe Gold – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad, Mac
  • The Island: Castaway® – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad, Windows Store, Mac
  • Letters from Nowhere – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad
  • Supermarket Management – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad, Mac
  • Mahjong Artifacts®: Chapter 2 – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad, Windows Store, Mac
  • Mahjong Artifacts® – 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and $1.99 on iPad, Windows Store, Mac

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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Neon Battleground - online multiplayer shooter for iOS, Android and WP8

A small indie game studio calling themselves Beetleplay (actually made up of two brothers) have recently released Neon Battleground, an online multiplayer shooter for handheld devices running iOS, Android or Windows 8.  Players can challenge each other across platforms.

"Real people from around the world, a lot of ships with unique abilities and different maps. In the battles you will earn coins and experience and will be able to upgrade your ship or buy boosters at the start of each round."

Check out the Official Website for details and store links.  The game is free to play with in-app purchases available.  (Screenshots below are from the iPad version.)

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Friday, 8 August 2014

Acky's Reloaded

I'm a sucker for good breakout games, and this one not only looks good, it's got to be the most original take on the genre I've ever seen.  Crafting balls?  Gaining XP?  Recruiting aliens to help you?!?  Also, the resurrection of a decade-old project.

Meet "Acky's Reloaded" - it has all the ingredients for a successful Kickstarter Campaign!


  • Fun Characters - Gain new abilities with pilots such as a popcicle octopus and a robot space dog!
  • Pets - Lonely? Bessie will help, but watch out for her bite, she is a vampire cow after all!
  • Skill Missions - Put spin on the ball for precision shots and increase your skills!
  • Special Items - Unlock boosters and unique items to help you with challenging levels!
  • Retro Particles - Be mesmerized by the retro psychedelic pixel particles emanating from every move!
  • Hundreds of Levels - Easy and fun to play but a challenge to master! So many levels!

If funded the game will be available for:
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Ouya
If the stretch goal is met:
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry
  • Linux

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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Check out "Formula Force Racing" by The Pixel Bullies

Out for iOS, Android and Windows Phone (voted Indie Game of the month for June by Windows Phone Central) - check out the official website for links to buy on all systems.

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

2048 Cans of Coke

Vienna, Austria - July 2, 2014 - What happens when you have 2048 cans stacked in your office? You get an impressive view, you get lots of questions (yes I did drink them myself, no they usually stay stacked) and eventually you'll get an idea for a new game!

Betract will briefly remind you of 2048 before it starts eating your numbers. What happened?

In this game it's give and take. You can join matching numbers but joining a number with its half will subtract! This rule can bite if you build up to 256, only to have it taken away by a lesser 128. So watch your fingers!

But back to the cans. When you take the stacked layout you get a board with six ways of movement. If you are thinking hexagon I got to tell you, cans are way more impressive.

The game gives you three modes. If you'd like to play Betracted, remember, you need strategy and make sacrifices to win this one! It may be easier to start with Casual which won't eat your hard earned numbers. But stay away from Impossible, seriously.

Download Free from all major app stores (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Fire Phone) -

About Christian Zangl
Mr. Christian Zangl is an indie developer who likes to build fun games, mostly at night when other people are sleeping. Too much coke does that. Previous games include BouncyBox and the popular Occupied.

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Friday, 30 May 2014

Now you've always wanted a game where you get flushed down the toilet, right?

A small team of "Finish indie freshmen" called Add Inspiration have released their debut game, Goldfish in the Sewer - a fast and addictive game where you compete against time in 2D cartoon style. 

Goldfish in the Sewer features:
      • Various methods to steer the Goldfish: Tilt phone, virtual pad or full screen touch controls.
      • Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay
      • Handcrafted levels
      • Collect fruits to make better time
      • Leaderboard, top all players list every level. → Who is the KING of Goldfish in the Sewer?
      • Replays, you can play versus ghost-player.  → Prove that Only you can beat yourself?

Buy once → receive free updates → No in-app purchases, no ads!


The player is controlling the Goldfish and main task is to try to complete all levels as fast you can to unlock more levels and have better ranking at the leader board. Player uses pipe walls to make fish to go faster to specific direction and collect various “ fruit power ups” to reduce level time. Player needs to avoid the slowing green slime and use red boost points to get even better time.  Playing happens by tilting the phone to specific direction or optionally with virtual pad or touch controls.

Release Date: 22nd May 2014
Price: 0,99$ / 0,99€
Platform: Windows Phone 7, can be played with Windows Phone 8 too.

Goldfish in the Sewer on Windows Phone Store USA 

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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Make it Indie!

Developers Sometimes You have released their game Make It Indie, now available for PC, Mac and Linux from Desura - and also available for Windows 8 phone.  What seems a little bit of a mystery at the moment is exactly what sort of game it is - the developers describe it as a "video story about making of average indie-game as we see it" along with an optional mini-game.  I'm going to ask the developers to explain things in a bit more detail and will post the reply!  (The trailer isn't really very helpful in this regards either!)

Make it indie! - Teaser Trailer (1080p) - Desura

Okay, here's the answer I got from the dev:

"This game about the choices that confronts indie-developers every day.
  • Make a game or walk with friends?
  • Make a game or watch the next episode of some tv-show?
If you look deeper - this game asks this question to anyone who wants to make something in his life.

It seems I don't answering the question about gameplay, but this game is not about gameplay - it's about the problem. And I hope it's answering it."

So there you go - it's less about gaming, and more about making choices.  These questions certainly resonate with myself and, I suspect, anyone else who's tried to make it as an indie dev!  I'll try to take a look at this sometime and do a review. 

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Thursday, 27 February 2014

IndieGoGo Watch - World Football 2014

Everybody likes a good footie game (well, obviously not everyone, but broadly speaking) - so this might be of interest.  The fundraiser has plenty of time to go and 95% of the target still to raise.  It's due for release in May 2014. Will be launched on iOS, Android and Windows 8 Mobile and Tablet devices.  Check out the trailer below (as far as I can tell there is no sound, so don't worry, your speakers haven't broken!), and the World Football 2014 IndieGoGo page.

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Wax Lyrical Games announces adventure game, Mega Bad Code

LONDON, UK– February 4th, 2014– European video game developer Wax Lyrical Games are pleased to announce its kooky 'point and click' adventure game Mega Bad Code, for desktops and mobiles. Mega Bad Code throws players into a cyberpunk dystopia to unravel the identity of a brutal serial killer terrorizing the giant city of Blueban. Mega Bad Code features vibrant hand-drawn graphics, a large game world to explore, original musical score and full voice-over cast. 

To mark this announcement Wax Lyrical Games has launched the official game website with four screen shots and core-character profiles. The web site features game news, information, screen shots and other media. “Mega Bad Code blends comic-style surrealism with a dark and unnerving seriousness. It's a thought-provoking and kooky journey into the near future where players must solve a mystery full of dangerous twists and turns” says designer and creator Alan Thorn of Wax Lyrical Games. “There's something here to intrigue most gamers: varied locations, challenging puzzles, bizarre characters, sinister goings-on and touches of weirdness throughout”. Players can expect to visit the Cyberpunk megalopolis in late 2014. Mega Bad Code will be available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. 

More information on Mega Bad Code can be found at the official homepage here: 

About Wax Lyrical Games: 

Wax Lyrical Games is an independent video game studio founded in 2010 by veteran game developer Alan Thorn. Its previous titles include: award-winning PC adventure game ‘Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok’, released in 2011. And also turn-based causal game Bounders and |Cads, released in 2013. Wax Lyrical Games is committed to developing unique and thought-provoking video games. The official Wax Lyrical Games homepage can be found here:

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Friday, 31 January 2014

Little Treasure Hunt released

Little Treasure Hunt is a point and click game where your goal is to find all the items that are hidden in plain sight. Can you find them all?

Available for PC and Window 8 Phone.

Developer van_fade has previously released Dino's Big Egg Adventure.

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Monday, 28 October 2013

Indie Game Review - Roxafan 2089 AD (PC, Retro Shoot-'em-Up)

Roxafan 2089 AD by AngryGam3rs is a homage to the classic horizontal scrolling shoot-em-ups of the early 90s for platforms such as the Sega Megadrive (Genesis) and PC Engine.  It simply tries to recreate the same look and feel as those games to give you a real sense of nostalgia – and it certainly manages that with some style!

A great bonus is the awesome soundtrack to the game, provided by German heavy metal band Thunder and Lightning – it’s absolutely stomping and fits the game perfectly.  The sound effects were less impressive and were set at a volume that was just a tiny bit intrusive to the music.  The graphics had that sort of very slightly fuzzy appearance that you tended to get in some early 90s games, and this added to the retro charm; on the whole the graphics were very good and the levels are quite varied.  On the first level I felt that perhaps there should have been an extra layer of parallax scrolling, but that’s a minor quibble – it all looks very good and very reminiscent of the era it’s inspired by.

The controls work fine, even on the keyboard they feel nice and responsive.  The game’s difficulty level is nicely balanced, and even though it does feature the “when you die you lose EVERY power up you’ve worked so hard to collect” method (which has always driven me mad with this sort of game!) and restarts you at the beginning of the level every time you die, there are enough power-ups scattered around early in each level to make it possible to stay alive.  As with these sorts of game in days gone by, staying alive even when fully powered up is by no means easy, of course!

Really, Roxafan’s strengths and weakness all derive from the same thing – it stays true to its roots and everything about the game is very much in the vein of those early 90s shooters.  As such you get a huge nostalgia rush from playing this, and the soundtrack definitely adds to the game immensely, and it’s very nicely made.  On the other hand I would have liked to see more in the way of options and customisation.  I would also have liked to see a bit more variety with the bosses, but that’s a minor point.

It really depends on what sort of gamer you are.  There are some concessions made to the more modern gamer but basically this isn’t a game that will hold your hand with a gentle introduction, it just throws you straight into the action – just like the good old days.  It encapsulates the old adage “easy to play, difficult to master”.  It’ll take you a fair time to complete, and the reply value for a game like this is high.  The $5 price point seems just a touch high for the game at the moment but more is on its way, with extra stages and a co-op game mode for up to 4 players, which should prove to be a blast, so I have no hesitation recommending it to those who like retro shooters.  If you don’t get nostalgic at the thought of R-Type and similar games, perhaps this isn’t a game that will do it for you.

Roxafan 2089 AD is available for PC (reviewed version) and is coming soon to Xbox.  As a result of an ill-phrased challenge in an email to me, you can also expect ports for the MSX, Dragon 64 and even ZX81.  (Well not really, but wouldn’t it be cool if there were?!)  It IS due to be released on Windows 8 Phone, iPhone, Android, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and apparently even more after that...  The most excellent soundtrack is available separately.  Check out the official website for more info and to order.

The specs for running the game are so low that even though the laptop I’m having to subsist on at the moment is horrendously underpowered for gaming, it ran Roxafan 2089 AD with no problems at all.

An interesting side point – the game’s author, Gary Bradford, thinks this may be the first full game to be released (or possibly released commercially) that was created using EnterBrain’s Indie Game Maker.

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

SPEJS - A Space Adventure

Spejs is a Shoot 'em Up under development by IdunaGameStudio. The focus is to complete the missions - apparently it is a game more about traveling than blasting enemies.  The plot is very simple: when the galaxy comes under attack, the Spejs are sent to fight and defeat the enemy.


Android, iOS, Windows Phone and OUYA

Due for release at the end of 2013.

Demo version for Android (first 15 levels)



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Monday, 12 August 2013

Announcing the point and click adventure with a fine art aesthetic

August 2013, Leamington Spa: Micro Macro Games launch the public Alpha of Morphopolis, their visually stunning point and click adventure, to coincide with their Steam Green-light Campaign.

Initially inspired by point and click adventures like Machinarium and The Tiny Bang Story, Morphopolis is a new game experience crafted by two architect graduates.

Micro Macro Games founder Dan Walters says “The game is about a journey; taking narrative from the environment, creating places through the division of space, and evolving this world as your awareness of scale, mechanics and inhabitants change. These are concepts we discovered in architecture school, but they can be handled so much more playfully in an illustrated world.”

The unique art style uses intricate line drawings and ink wash techniques, that draw on the colouring style of 60s and 70s posters; blending the style of Martin Sharp with the work of illustrators like Edmund Dulac and Maxfield Parrish. This attention to detail creates a charming and magical world for the players to explore.

Game Artist Ceri Williams said “The tone of the game aims to strike a balance between the beauty of the close up natural world with the captivating visceral qualities of the insect kingdom. Familiar, but increasingly alien as you peer closer; we want Morphopolis to appeal to the inquisitive."

Set for simultaneous release on 8 platforms including: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry and Kindle Fire. Morphopolis has been created over the past 10 months, by just two developers. Together they have had crafted more than 30 hidden object sets, 15 scenes, and many more mini puzzles for players to solve.

About Morphopolis

Morphopolis is a visually stunning point and click adventure which takes the player on a lucid and fantastical journey of transformation and discovery. Play the role of an aphid grub and embark on an epic adventure to rescue your companion. Explore and interact with beautifully illustrated scenes to find hidden objects and solve puzzles.

Morphopolis has won the Association of Illustrators Award in the Design category for New Talent and will be on display at Somerset House in London during October before touring nationally.


Dan Walters studied architecture for 7 years at Cardiff then later at Cambridge, but has always been passionate about game development, teaching himself to  program at the age of 13. His passion for games eventually lead him to become a graphics programer for an established developer. Dan devotes his spare time to developing innovative games under the banner of indie studio Micro Macro Games.

Ceri Williams is an architectural designer and illustrator based in London. He has worked for practices such as Toh Shimazaki Architecture and Asif Kahn, as well as designing and building installations for the Royal College of Art and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Morphopolis is his first video game project and he has been able to use the composition and spatial skills learnt in architecture to develop the game narrative and sequence of scenes.

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