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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Vidar - an RPG puzzler where everyone dies...

Indie RPG-Puzzler "Vidar" is currently in development. The game is focused on creating a random, but still meaningful and engaging, story. Vidar takes place in a town in danger, where every night a beast emerges from its cave and kills a random citizen. The story-telling uses this "random death" mechanic as a jumping point - because all 24 of Vidar's villagers have relationships with one another, each death has a rippling effect throughout the community, and changes the course of the plot. What this means is that a mother will give the player a different quest depending on whether her sister, husband, or son has died (and when), and all assuming she’s alive herself.

The goal of the game, naturally, is to stop the beast before everyone in town is killed. You do that by solving environmental dungeon-exploration puzzles (think Zelda without the combat) until you find the beast. To keep things fresh, the puzzles are also random - if you come back for a new story, you won't breeze through the challenge.



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