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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Legacy of the Copper Skies - Gameplay Preview

Legacy of the Copper Skies is a journey stretching across multiple worlds, two vastly disparate people must put aside their differences and co-operate if they are to stop the mysterious destruction plaguing their worlds. 

In this new take on the classic action adventure game players must take control of both Tir and Isen at the same time to use their unique co-operative gameplay mechanics to explore, make their way through challenging dungeons, battle tough bosses, solve arcane puzzles, collect loot, and defeat their enemies. 

Legacy of the Copper Skies is in development for PC/Mac as well as XBox One and PS4 and is aimed at being rated 'E' for 'Everyone'.

Official Website

Check out the newly launched gameplay trailer below:

(BTW it's "co-op" in the "one player controls two characters" sense.  Just to avoid ambiguity :-D)

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