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Monday, 9 November 2015

Coming to Steam: a simple, elegant, real time strategy game.

Tenshu General will be released on Steam on December 1st and will feature extra content in celebration of making it through Steam Greenlight.  It's being developed by SmartArt Gamestudio from Groningen, the Netherlands.

About Tenshu General
Tenshu General, is a simple, elegant, Real Time Strategy (RTS) game for those who favor short play sessions over long sessions. Quick casual game play combined with the challenge of continuously adapting enemies allow for a surprisingly challenging exercise in strategy. It is a cross breed between a board game and a classic RTS. If you like Risk or 8 Minute Empire, Tenshu General is your game.

Set in medieval Japan, you will take on the role of a Tenshu General tasked with defending your Tenshu castle against invaders while expanding your own territory. Can you conquer all other Tenshu?

  • Easy to play, hard to master concept
  • Campaign mode, to help you teach the fundamentals
  • 10 different maps to allow you a wide variety of battlefields
  • Smart enemies make different choices in each new game
  • Terrain influences your movement and battle outcome
  • Map Editor (for advanced users): Create your own maps
  • Steam achievements and Steam gamecards 
  • Available for WindowsMac and Linux
  • More info:
  • Steam Store Page:

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