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Monday, 16 November 2015

Amazing Loot Grind

Amazing Loot Grind by Michael T. Astolfi is an experiment/ loving send-up of the end-game loot-focused grind of games like World of Warcraft and Destiny.  The game is pretty simple: the player opens a chest, gets a piece of loot, and if it’s better than what they have, they keep it and sell their old piece of gear.  If not, they just sell the new piece, and open another chest.  Players continue opening chests until they have the best gear.

The game attempts to strip down the loot mechanic of the RPG genre to its core, while still creating an engaging and enjoyable gameplay experience.  At the same time, by presenting the mechanic in such a bare-bones manner, the developer is hoping to get players to ask themselves whether they really to be spending their valuable gaming time on simulated loot slot machines.  

He love games like WoW and Destiny, but he's hoping to raise the question of wonder if it isn’t time for our industry to start pushing beyond random loot as the core of our best games’ end-game experiences.

At the same time, he thinks random drops are a lot of fun, and it fills the need of something to play on the subway!

Check out the trailer:

Amazing Loot Grind is available for iOS and Android.

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