Monday, 22 June 2015

New adventure game release - Beyond Eternity episode 1

This is the debut release of an AGS developer going by the rather clever pseudonym of MyEakinBack, and debut adventure game releases always hold a special fascination for me - playing them always makes me wonder "will this developer be the next Dave Gilbert?".  Will they, like me, start off with a small game idea and keep going until it is preposterously humongous? 

Admittedly this one also interests me because I provided a voice for it. :-)  I think I'm allowed a little indulgence, at least I hope so.  Anyway this one hasn't had many downloads yet so I hope a few extra people will go and take a look at it now:

Professors are disappearing out of thin air from West College.

How long has this been happening? Where are the Professors going? Why do they not admit facts that others plainly see?

You explore West College to solve the mysterious professor disappearances. You must pay close attention to widely scattered clues. Along the way, you pick up scientific knowledge that uncovers many pieces of the mystery. Time and patience are needed to work through multiple challenging puzzles. Unraveling the evidence could be more important to the future of our Earth than you ever imagined.

  • Point and click adventure game (left click only)
  • Touch screen or mouse/keyboard
  • Non-linear puzzles
  • Two main characters to switch between
  • Voice acting
  • Approx. 6 hours of game play

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