Friday, 30 October 2015

In development - Formula XD

Formula XD is a racing team strategy game that juxtaposes attention to realism and detail with accessible gameplay and a decidedly tongue-in-cheek narrative style. Many aspects of the game poke just a little bit of fun at the world of motorsport, in contrast to the poe-faced majority of sport-themed games. But don’t let all that levity deceive you; underneath, there’s a carefully-tuned system that doesn’t know words like "restart", "rubber-band", or "rewind".

You’ll hire drivers, negotiate contracts with sponsors and engine suppliers, and make the big decisions necessary to keep your team above water. You’ll issue orders to your drivers when they go out onto the track, and be responsible for guiding them to victory, or defeat. It’s a game that won’t make it easy – you’ll start at the bottom and fight your way through a ten-season career, striving to win the Constructors’ Championship title.

Currently, the game is unfinished. Public builds have been released, which are pre-alpha (not feature-complete) and where, to keep things easy to test, the player has access to an incredible amount of money.

Formula XD is being developed by Nicholas Heathfield in Chesterfield, UK.  Unlike most homes of developers that I blog about, I've actually been there, seen the crooked spire and all that.   I like the look of this title, will keep you posted.

Seems to be a good time for indie race team management games, with another we featured recently called Pit lane 16 in the works.

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