Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Kickstarter launched for episodic RPG "Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire"

Once, it is said, humanity roamed the stars with impunity. That time is long past. On what was once a partially terraformed outpost world, the descendants of the long-dead colony struggle to eke out an existence on a planet that is growing ever more inhospitable.

Whale Hammer Games have just released a Kickstarter for their episodic turn-based tactics RPG, Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire, which will release on PC, Mac and Linux. They've also just been Greenlit for release on Steam.  Check out their Kickstarter Page.

In Tahira, you fight turn-based tactics battles that mix tactical combat with large combat maps that take cues from Blizzard RTS games, in that each one has different scenario and objectives, which directly relate to the story. As you progress, you are given choices to upgrade your forces, letting you match them to your play-style. You also talk to a large and eclectic cast who travel with you through multiple episodes. You can influence them and discover their history and the history of the world they live in. 


A character-driven story featuring a bitter, drunk merchant and a swaggering mercenary power-couple.
Rotoscoped character animations, creating a realistic, hand-drawn appearance.
Hand-painted environments showcasing the bittersweet beauty of a dying world.
A modern twist on classic turn-based tactics incorporating unit fatigue and a dynamic turn queue.
Scenarios ranging from scrappy fights between a couple of soldiers to epic sieges where the player must manage multiple fronts.
Persistent upgrades, allowing you to adapt your forces to suit your style.
An atmospheric soundtrack composed by Max LL that incorporates the sounds and textures of Central Asia and the Middle East.

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