Saturday, 25 April 2015

Inquisitor’s Heartbeat Extended Play: the innovative Audiogame for blind players

Inquisitor’s Heartbeat is an innovative Audiogame which doesn’t discriminate blind and sighted users, and the developers Rising Pixel are going to release a brand new Extended Version next June.

The title was positively praised by the critics, as it manages to offer a full experience to anyone. We didn’t adjust the game to make it accessible, but it was specifically designed for blind users: only audio feedbacks can help you to mind your surroundings. 

The Extended Play (EP) version is the result of everything we learned thanks to all the suggestions and feedbacks received from our players. We decided to take all this data to enhance the whole game experience for everyone. Here’s a list for you:
  • enhanced player > environment interaction
  • More game mechanics, maps and dialogues
  • You wanted to fight. So bad. Now you can!
  • enhanced social experience with Online score charts and social network sharing
  • enhanced accessibility for sighted users (new menu design and graphics)

Inquisitor's Heartbeat EP will be released during 2015 for Windows Phone, iOS, Pc and Mac.

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