Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Remnants of Isolation Launches on Steam May 1st

April 28th2015 —Team Isolation’s grand prize winning Remnants of Isolation, which took home the big Indie Game Maker award in 2014, is finally ready for its official debut! Remnants of Isolation is a traditional JRPG which turns the idea of magic on its head. In a world where magic is a curse, a plague, and those who can use it are cast into a castle locked in another dimension, two young magic users will attempt to find freedom in a world that seeks to destroy them.

Remnants of Isolation features a unique spell fusion system that makes combat dynamic, and rewards experimentation with a charging mana system that rewards tactical timing. With multiple endings and memorable characters, Remnants of Isolation will leave you breathless.

This release of Remnants of Isolation features massive improvements to the graphics, sound, and music over their award winning contest entry nine months ago. New backstory has also been added to give better insight into the castle and its inhabitant.

Discover why it beat out over 800 other games to claim the title. 

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