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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Follow the rhythm of Funk of Titans on WiiU

Follow the rhythm of Funk of Titans on WiiU

A Crowd Of Monsters and Enjoy Up release this adventure that combines blaxploitation films with Greek mythology.

Funk Of Titans, the platformer developed by the independent studio A Crowd Of Monsters, has a new version for Wii U after winning Xbox One gamers over with its rhythm and humor. The publisher Enjoy Up has been responsible for the porting to Wii U of this adventure that combines the sensibilities of blaxploitation films with Greek mythology. The game will be available next May 14 in America and in early June in Europe at a price of $ 8.99 - 8.99 euros.

Funk Of Titans is a platformer in which you are tasked to defeat the Music Titans in the name of funky. As Perseus you will accomplish this task via 40+ levels through 3 different worlds of music: Pop, Rap, and Rock with different weapons and helmets and collecting golden records along the way.
Show those jive-turkey Pagan Titans why funk is the music of the Gods! Funk-Fu for the win!
Groove through 40+ levels of funk platforming through the worlds of Pop, Rap, and Rock!
Summoned by Zeus, guide Perseus through the ways of funk to defeat all of the Music Titans!
About A Crowd Of Monsters:

A Crowd of Monsters is a game developer heartquartered in Barcelona (Spain) that develops games for mobile (Apple and Android) and consoles (PS4, Xbox One y Wii U). Is best-known for Sugar Kid and Funk of Titans. Is currently developing a new tittle, Blues And Bullets.

Platform: Wii U (download-only)
Release Date: May 14, 2015 (America) and June, 2015 (Europe)
Price: $8.99 , €8.99
Genre: Platformer
Player (s): Single
Classification ESRB: Teen
 Classification PEGI: +13
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