Monday, 23 February 2015

Galactic Exploration Just Warped to a New Universe!

Just two months after the release of Approaching Infinity, Ibology and Shrapnel Games have released the first update to the popular game of infinite intergalactic exploration and adventure. The patch will update Approaching Infinity to version 1.10 and not only includes bug fixes, but also adds many additions and improvements. The update is available for both Windows and Mac OSX.

There are 7 bug fixes, 7 major changes, and almost 20 additions and minor changes. Here are just a few of the updates: 

Please Note: This patch is not compatible with existing saved games. Do not update until you are ready to start a new game.

  • Fixed incorrect devices being given for some quests
  • Fixed an issue with officer's names repeating in multiple sectors
  • Fixed monitoring of the "trap" achievements
  • Four More Fixes
  • Expanded tooltips for many situations
  • Made artifacts interact with each other
  • Gave the Stealth Runner starting ship better equipment
  • Added supply cost to away missions
  • Three additional Major Changes
  • Shift+Control+F will cycle fonts
  • Added CANYON planet generator
  • Added 11 new monsters
  • Added 2 new kinds of special space suits
  • Long away missions provide extra officer XP upon safe return
  • Fourteen more changes and additions
The patch can be downloaded directly from the Shrapnel Games' official product page for Approaching Infinity.

Approaching Infinity is a turn-based science fiction game of infinite space exploration and adventure. Each game grants you an entirely new universe, allowing for unlimited replayability. Designed for both casual and experienced players of the rogue-like genre, tool tips, contextual commands, a tutorial, and a sensible UI all help to make this game highly accessible.

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