Monday, 23 February 2015

Cell: emergence enhanced for Steam release

Three years after its initial release, Cell HD: Emergence from indie developer New Life Interactive, LLC launches on Steam.  Improvements over the initial version include controller support, achievements, tutorial screens, and a higher resolution voxel canvas (1.5 million voxels instead of 1 million).

Membranes, cancerous growths, flows, nanotech wires -- all teem with added life thanks to the higher resolution.  Controller support is basic, aimed primarily at the XBox/PC controller, but legacy bindings for the upcoming Steam controller have been included as well.

Given Steam's new "discovery queue" and the many refinements to the game, Cell is poised to reach a much wider audience of simulation and action gamers.  The new tutorial screens ease the transition into the "dynamic voxel" gameworld, which, full of nasty surprises, places high demands on players' ability to perceive and interpret.

Cell's blend of intense action and deep simulation continues to offer players a rare glimpse at the "massively reactive" gameplay of tomorrow.


Cell: emergence is an action surgery game available on Xbox LIVE Indie Games and for PC from various outlets including GamersGate, Green Man Gaming, ShinyLoot, Desura, and Steam.  The PC version of the game retails for $5.99 USD.  Several of the stores, including Steam, offer a free demo.

In the game players fight a nanoscale war against disease inside the body of a sick child. The fast, deep simulation of tissues, antibodies, germs, nanomachinery, and other elements is achieved with a "dynamic voxel" gameworld, within which every visual detail has meaning, reacts to the player, and interacts with its neighbors. 

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