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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

BeefJack Create launches 'The Idea Mill' and 'Game Tuning'

Two new services offer support, direction and assistance to budding game designers and established studios alike
London-based games studio BeefJack Create today launched two new services, which aim to help both budding games designers and established indie developers make the best games possible.

The Idea Mill makes games design and development accessible to anyone with a great idea, no matter how little their technical or creative knowledge. With a full team of developers and designers, BeefJack Create helps its partners turn game ideas into reality - via comprehensive design, production and deployment support, which keeps the game's creator firmly in the driving seat.

With Game Tuning, BeefJack Create partners with independent developers to help fine-tune their games and produce the best possible results. With more involvement than a simple outsourcing development team, BeefJack acts both to fill any production gaps, and to provide tailored support and guidance, throughout the project's lifecycle.

Creative Partnerships

James Wheeler, one of BeefJack Create's recent partners, said: "BeefJack helped flesh out my idea while bringing new opportunities to the table. They also created some fantastic concept art and came up with an inventive way for me to make money."

James, a keen level designer himself, also relished the opportunity to add to his skillset in this area. "They're keeping me involved and giving me the opportunity to learn more about game development," he added.

Meanwhile, Dean Edwards - creator of Iron Fish and a lover of all things marine life - approached BeefJack with the seeds of an idea for a psychological underwater horror game. BeefJack Create helped fine-tune his concept before moving into production - providing full development, art, narrative design, project management and business support.

"They are all extremely talented, hardworking and professional. The passion they show for the games industry has made creating Iron Fish one of the most rewarding and fun things I have ever done," he said.

BeefJack Create launched in May 2015, with the view of lowering the barriers of entry to game development, and enable anyone with a great game idea to make it happen. Find out more on the BeefJack Create website.

About BeefJack

BeefJack started making games in flash in 2008. It also held an online magazine and gaming community. BeefJack's development arm created a range of successful web games - including the award-winning Hot Tub Heist (which achieved over 1 million plays and a four-star rating on Newgrounds) orVerminator (with over 3 million plays and a four-star rating on each of iOS and Android).

Today, BeefJack offers a variety of indie game services. Alongside Create, BeefJack Promote offers marketing services to independent studios.

Find out more about both services on our website, and feel free to drop me a line for further info.
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