Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Soccer Player Manager 2016

Football gamers of a certain age - basically, around my age, which is too old to even contemplate for young folk, will definitely know and love the Kick Off games, and perhaps slightly less likely also remember Dino Dini and Steve Screech's other creation of sheer genius, Player Manager.  This was basically the Kick Off game engine with a simple football management built around it.  The result was a game that I played over and over again, taking my little town of Harlington into Division One (yes, it's that old, pre-Premier League!) and winning league after league, cup after cup, and snapping up all the best 18 year-old players in the first week of each season.  It was grand.

Now, thanks to the efforts of the Kick Off World team, that grandness can be relived on multiple formats.  There seem to be some tweaks from what I remember, the graphics and sound are based on the Amiga port (good decision!) and the match day engine seems to be built on the Kick Off 2 engine, and European games are included.  But despite the updates, this is an incredibly authentic recreation of Player Manager. 

Check it out The Soccer Player Manager 2016 at

Supported formats include PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

I tried it on the Android but found the virtual joystick controls just too fiddly.  Still had fun watching dots chase each other round in the Fast version of playing the game when I played only as manager.  Did rather better on PC but naturally controlling by keyboard is no match for joystick or gamepad.

Haha... 4-0 down at Wigan, not my finest hour... to be fair all my best players were out injured.

Playing a struggling 3rd division outfit against Arsenal in the Cup... this was only going to end one way.   Took this screenshot before the goals came flooding in!

Every team should have at least one player called Garfunkel.

Just to prove that I actually had some better matches! :-D

Ouch... at least it wasn't on the icy part of the pitch though.

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