Saturday, 24 January 2015

Crossroad Zombies

Save people from the attacking zombie army... but who do you save?  Crossroad Zombies offers you a mix of genres (along with a a crossroad and of course lots of zombies).

Key-Features:* Retro pixel graphics and retro sounds including 8bit voice samples
* Genre-mix: god-survival-zombie-highscore-arcade game
* Every game feels different thanks to procedurally generated level layouts
* Use your mighty flash power to directly reach into the scenery
* 3 visual settings: city, desert and grasslands
* Zombies!
* Game Center Leaderboard to show off your score and compare with others
* Game Center Achievements
* Available for iPads with iOS 5 or later (iPad 3 and later recommended for best experience)
* Even more zombies!
Available for iPad - iOS 5 or higher required, iPad 3 or later recommended.  Available on iTunes.

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