Saturday, 24 January 2015

Empire In Ruins - Preview

Empires in Ruins is a highly detailed and visually rewarding extended Tower Defense game. Quality before rushing has been the motto since its design begun.  It calls itself "extended" because it has a number of additional levels of depth that are not common for TD games, and because in addition to Tower Defense maps with a variety of novelties, it also features a kingdom management tactical map with regions to conquer, tame and defend, and a widely developed research system.

Plot Overview:

"In a nameless world, a bunch of young little kingdoms, threatened on the northen frontier by an empire of fanatics, fight to survive their internal struggles and old grudges. Corrupted governments, haughty noblemen and nasty conspiracies are the frame of an equilibrium constantly on the verge of breaking."

Now I don't want to give you too many details here, if you're interested in the game check out the links section at the bottom of the post.  However to whet your appetite here are a couple of screenshots and some early pre-alpha footage.

Pre-Alpha Test Footage:

Empire In Ruins LINKS

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