Saturday, 24 January 2015

Free got iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - "Protect Your Jewels"

In your journey across the world, you've stumbled upon jewels with untold powers. Ninjas, monkeys, and gladiators are after it. Not under you're watch. You must swipe them away and protect your jewels!

  • MODES: Play with lives in Classic Mode or with time in Arcade Mode.
  • POWER UPS: Cast a fire shield or unleash an ice storm on those who dare to come close to your jewel.
  • THEMES: Swipe away ninjas at the mountain top, monkeys at the jungle, or gladiators at the coliseum.
  • EXPLORE: Discover and unlock new themes, power ups, and gems!
  • ACHIEVEMENTS: Be recognized for your skills. Earn points and badges for completing over 20 achievements.
  • LEADERBOARDS: Climb up to the top of the leaderboards and compare your scores with your friends.
  • SHARING: Share your high score via Game Center, Facebook, Twitter, Text, or Email for additional gems.

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