Monday, 29 February 2016

"Number Rescue" released

Number Rescue is a little pet project of mine, partly to teach myself AGS scripting, and partly to make something that would challenge my little girl's maths abilities while being a fun game to play.  It also introduces a few very basic point and click adventure game elements to very young players.  My estimate is that it is best suited for 6-8 years old, although older players may have fun with the pop culture references and my terrible singing (I included a couple of snippets after first bursting into song in an adventure game in Fanbots!).  The game is fully voiced, albeit I voiced every character myself.

I have aimed (very approximately) for the graphical style of the Mr Men books and the writing / voice acting style of Danger Mouse.  Maybe if I do a sequel I can get Alexander Armstrong and Stephen Fry to voice some characters, just as Ali managed to get Tom Baker on board for Nelly Cootalot 2?!!  (Or... maybe not.)

Anyway, hopefully it's a bit of good educational fun.  You can get it on GameJolt.

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