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Monday, 3 August 2015

Nom Nom Galaxy Now on PC

KYOTO, Japan -- August 3, 2015 - Intergalactic adventures and valuable business experience in the cutthroat cosmic soup industry awaits Windows PC gamers with today's release of Nom Nom Galaxy. The 2D sandbox game with base-building and tower defense elements from Q-Games makes its triumphant exit from Early Access on Steam with the help of a dedicated community of supporters. 

Just like in the real-universe, in Nom Nom Galaxy aliens all over space demand delicious soups and evil big soup corporations will stop at nothing to increase their production market share on each planet. To feed the hungry masses and restore ethics to the industry, players build a galactic soup empire. 

Gameplay begins with the exploration of dangerous planets in distant solar systems. Next players choose a location on each world to build their soup factory and begin construction. Finally players must find, as well as sometimes battle and kill, tasty ingredients to prepare delicious soups, then begin production.

Constructing the finest factory in the galaxy does not guarantee success as the ruthless soup industry is filled with rival companies that will stop at nothing to gain an edge, including attacking players' factories. To keep production running smoothly, it is essential to fortify factories with defenses.

In order to fulfill their manifest soup destiny and advance to the next world, players must first dominate a planet's market share of soup production. After progressing to the next alien world players are awarded a new ability, weapon, vehicle or robot to help with soup production. 

Nom Nom Galaxy is the 9th title by Q-Games in the well-known PixelJunk series, which has accumulated millions of downloads. Unbeknown to most gamers, however, the company has also worked on famous AAA franchises including Star Fox. 

"Like the perfect bowl of soup, Nom Nom Galaxy blends many ingredients that are amazing on their own - sandbox, base-building and tower defense - into something wholly unique and special," Dylan Cuthbert, president, Q-Games, said. "If you have ever eaten a bowl of soup or played a video game, then this is the game for you."

Game Features
  • Explore massive planets across the cosmos
  • Protect soup factories by installing defenses to ward off zerging rivals
  • Conquer multitudes of alien flora, fauna and enemies in pursuit of perfect soup
  • Collect more than 20 game changing items including weapons, vehicles and robot minions
  • Play alone or with friends, with both single-player and up to four-player online co-op
  • Build & destroy planets, each with its own unique ecosystem and landscape, to meet customer needs
  • Gain valuable real-universe experience in the intergalactic soup industry with this hardcore business simulation


Nom Nom Galaxy can be purchased for $9.99 on Steam, but is 20% off during launch week and is available now for $7.99. It is also available worldwide on PlayStation Network for $14.99. 

More information about Nom Nom Galaxy can be found at: 


Q-Games is a Japanese studio with experience doing work on numerous AAA franchises, including Star Fox, and their upcoming PS4 exclusive, The Tomorrow Children, but are most well known for their own PixelJunk series.

When working on their own I.P.s, Q-Games is dedicated to developing innovative experiences in genres they have not previously developed games in. 

Established in 2001 the diverse company consists of more than 40 developers from five continents.

To learn more about Q-Games please visit 

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