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Sunday, 2 August 2015

New Android Puzzle Game Release - "Guide Me"

An experimental puzzle game that we recently featured, Guide Me is now available for free download from the PlayStore.

"Guide me is a unique experimental action, puzzle game about finding path in dark world. Alpha, Beta and Gamma are stuck in dark world, your goal is to guide them to safe house. You can illuminate small area for limited duration. They will slowly follow illuminated area. If you try to move them too fast one, two or all of them will be left behind. Dodge deadly obstacles. Collect boosters to keep light turned on. Somewhere in deep dark lies, the precious diamond, explore and find it for perfect score.
★ Unique action, puzzle 2D game
★ Simple Graphics
★ Self explanatory tutorial
★ 30 unique Levels
★ Totally free, no in-app purchase"

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