Monday, 25 April 2016

"The Mind's Eclipse" - visual novel with uncompromising cyberpunk setting and stark visual style

Set in a bleak, dystopian future where mankind has embraced transhumanism, the game follows a father who awakens to a fallen utopia and must try to find his loved ones. With a gritty film noir aesthetic and an engaging cyberpunk theme, the game has an art style that stands out in the visual novel space which is typically dominated by Japanese anime styled games.

The Mind’s Eclipse calls itself a visual novel, but it looks to distinguish itself in the genre by providing an experience unlike typical visual novels. There are no romance options or dating minigames to be found here.

Instead, the game promises a mature discussion of sociological and psychological themes related to transhumanism, wrapped in an exciting, mind-bending science fiction tale. The game also features discovering and using items to overcome obstacles and progress the story, adding a level of interactivity not commonly found in the genre.

  • Beautiful hand drawn scenes and environments! 
  • Navigate the ruins of a fallen utopia! 
  • Every environment is interactive! 
  • Discover messages and journal entries to help uncover the mysteries of the Eclipse! 
  • Find and use items to overcome obstacles and unlock new areas! 
  • Befriend the playful and mysterious AI known as L! 
  • Intense, narrative driven gameplay!

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