Friday, 29 April 2016

Tadpole Treble

BATON ROUGE, May 6th -- It's time to the face the music! In Tadpole Treble, you swim through the actual sheet music of the game's songs. Avoid the notes, hit the beats, and guide a young tadpole through varied stages in a melodic quest to get home!

The adventure introduces a unique, appealing song for every stage, showdowns against intimidating boss creatures, rhythmic elements to master, and plenty of rewards for seasoned players. Doing well in the stages unlocks bonus features such as a Music Player, a detailed Bestiary, and the ultimate endurance test in Concerto Mode, where you have a single life to play through the game.

Younger pollywogs will get a kick out of the catchy music and abundance of fun surprises in the main game, while expert toads will enjoy competing for the top (and bottom) scores in the online leaderboards. And creative croakers of all ages will love our Composition Mode, where you can create your own song using dozens of different tools...and then play through your masterpiece with Baton, or share them online via QR codes!

Webcomic artist Matthew Taranto, his brother Michael and the whole team at BitFinity are happy to present Tadpole Treble--an aquatic, melodic adventure for all ages. Between the main adventure, the unlockables, the leaderboards and the robust stage editor, Tadpole Treble is sure to keep even the toughest players busy. Dive on in and enjoy this musical odyssey!

PC, Mac and Linux
Price: $9.99
Genre: Music


Matthew Taranto doodled a lot during art history classes in college, which led to him creating the good-natured and popular gaming parody webcomic, "Brawl in the Family" in 2008. The comic ran successfully for six years, including a pair of Kickstarter projects leading to a trio of print books. He's also been a writer and comic artist for NF Magazine since its inception in 2013, and is currently working on the soundtracks for three separate companies' games. A professional singer and pianist, Matthew provides the art, music, and general game design of Tadpole Treble.

Michael Taranto, being the older brother, is tasked with managing BitFinity's resources and making sure Matthew gets his work done on time. In addition, he tackles the level design, sound effects, and many of the PR duties. Like Matthew, Michael is a professional singer and often fights his brother for solos.

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