Monday, 19 January 2015

Steel Assault Kickstarter Launched

Steel Assault is a 2D platformer for PC, heavily inspired by NES games and utilising many of the same limitations of that 8-bit system such as heavy dithering.

 "Steel Assault is aiming to be an arcade-style game. What that means is tight length, tight design, and high difficulty. The ultimate goal is to clear it in one credit, and the total length on a perfect playthrough will probably be around 25-30 minutes; however, getting to that perfect playthrough will take hours."

"As technological advances continued into the 2030s, the United States's economic foundations caved in. Peaceful protests devolved into riots and all-out civil war, as people starved in the streets. One man rose to power out of the rubble: General Magnus Pierce, a cruel and ruthless tyrant with delusions of restoring America's former grandeur. You play as a resistance soldier equipped with a powerful robotic suit (one of the last of its kind), dropped into a long-abandoned enemy-occupied Washington, D.C."

Check out the recently launched Kickstarter Campaign, as well as the Official Website and Twitter Feed.

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