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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Square Enix Collective Features BFF or Die

BFF or Die by Honey Tribe Studios is to be featured by the Square Enix Collective for thirty days.

The Square Enix Collective is a showcase website for new and upcoming indie games. One game is picked each week to go through a month long feedback process where community members can leave comments and interact with the developers. They also vote yes or no to the question “Would you back this project through crowdfunding?

The London based Honey Tribe Studios are still developing BFF or Die. Earlier this year they had a successful campaign on Steam Greenlight and were approved after only 6 days with a positive response from the Steam community. They hope the Square Enix community will also respond well to the unique co-op offering in BFF or Die and help lead them into a successful crowdfunding campaign later this year. The game has already been Greenlit.

The mechanics and strategic abilities in BFF or Die are unique. The list below summarises the gameplay without spoiling the surprises.
  • You are in a darkened maze
  • Whether in single player or multiplayer mode, one character can control an alien flash-light while other characters explore the map. You must collaborate to stay alive and win.
  • A variety of hazards and challenges will try and defeat you.
  • As the levels progress, different tools and items are unlocked. Different levels require different strategies and abilities.
  • Mazes are procedural and will reconfigure when re-attempted. They cannot be memorised.
  • Strategy is dynamic. If you are in a losing situation, change tactics in real time.
  • The struggle is real ;) Some levels will get properly hard but you always feel you can beat them if you figure out the optimal strategy for that level.
  • Players/characters need each other in order to survive and win. No single character can do it all by themselves.

Formats: PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One
Release Date: TBC

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