Thursday, 14 May 2015

Relive the old days when platformers were insanely difficult with "Kunoi"

"Help guide Kunoi through this fast-paced, brutally hard, love letter to retro platforming where every millisecond counts."

Kunoi is a runner, but not an endless runner. It takes game play mechanics from endless runners and combines them with elements from retro games The gameplay will feel familiar yet distinct with its difficulty and aesthetics.
  • Challenging game play at its best. Brutal concoctions of environmental hazards, platforming, and lethal enemies force the player to stay attentive, quick, and adapt. 
  • Carefully thought out level design. The player's experience is crafted by strategically placed dangers, risks, and rewards. 
  • Beautiful retro pixel art paying homage to the early 90's such as Sonic, Mario, and Kirby.
  •  A very expressive soundtrack which also pays tribute to the early 90's. Infectious melodic hooks and driving beats wrapped up in a 16-bit package. 
  •  20+ levels to blaze through. Seasoned players who are skilled can speed through levels at record time. 
  • Quick sessions and instantaneous respawn leaves no time for the player's skill to depreciate. There is enough punishment for the player to endure, why sit through a drawn out dying sequence.
  • Automatic Saving so none of your progress will be lost. 
PC owners can download the Playable Demo, and check out the Kickstarter Campaign, which has a very modest funding target and bagging a copy of the game is only $3.
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