Thursday, 14 May 2015

Gratuitous Space Battles 2 Updates

Indie Space Strategy game Gratuitous Space Battles 2  continues to get update after update to improve stability, add new features, and new content. Developers Positech are currently on version 1.29 of the game, and 1.30 will be released today. 

Update highlights:
  • Three new missions added to the singleplayer campaign mode.
  • Huge list of crashes and bugs fixed.
  • Unlock costs re-balanced.
  • A long list of balance changes to the ship components.
  • Two new modules: The Repair limpet drones and Refuel limpet drones.
  • In-battle graphics panel lets you change the visual appearance of each battle, toggle off asteroids/hulks, change lighting etc.
  • Multiple shield-effect colors to represent different shield modules.
  • Better AI target selection.
  • Better in-game feedback for shield disruption and radiation damage.
Work continues to improve the game even further.

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