Friday, 3 October 2014

Ascent: The Space Game

Ascent: The Space Game is the brainchild of two daring Aussie developers who figured out that creating a space MMO with 270 billion star systems couldn’t be that hard...

Of course, delivering top-notch graphics and a refined interface is not as easy as conjuring up billions of stars, so the pair is now on Kickstarter seeking funds to: (a) hire an artist (George Karandais) to fully revamp the graphics and (b) hire a part-time interface designer.

There is a demo available and the fundraiser has achieved just about half of its target so far (with 28 days to go at time of posting this.)

If funded, developers Fluffy Kitten will also add the following features to the game:
  • Active colonists that can walk and talk
  • Keyboard interaction with NPCs—similar to classic text-based adventure games
  • New gameplay: Hire NPCs to pilot ships—along with smuggling, crime and punishment, bounty hunting, and assassination
Want to help make this happen?  Go visit the Kickstarter Page!  

(Also, check out these frankly gorgeous screenshots...)

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