Monday, 6 February 2017

CodeRed: Agent Sarah's Story – an episodic game by LivinThing Studio

LivinThing Studio are proud to present detective adventure game “CodeRed: Agent Sarah’s Story”. Playing as special agent Sarah Young youwill be given the opportunity to carry out an investigation to capture an extremely dangerous terrorist. The game features point and click game play, an extensive script, hand painted graphics, music composed specifically for the game, the need to make moral choices and achievement system. 
The game also introduces some social elements that will enable its players to meet their friends playing other characters of the game such as informers, suspects or snitches.  Code Red will be split the game into three episodes which correspond to the three days of the investigation.  The first episode is now available to play on FaceBook.

After completing this one, players will be able to compare their achievements and re-start the investigation, meaning you can make different decisions and carry out the investigation in another way.  CodeRed offers free access to the game and micropayments.  Players can also get a VIP card with a single purchase. 

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