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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Albion Online Alpha Teaser Trailer Revealed

Heavy Metal Meets Classic Violin In Explosive Conclusion 

Berlin, March 12, 2014— Sandbox Interactive today unveils the newest alpha test teaser video for their upcoming cross-platform Sandbox MMO, Albion Online.  Reinforcing the idea of “You Are What You Wear”, the newest video shows off how changing your outfit can change your entire way of playing the game!  Players can view the full video and sign up for the upcoming closed beta test at
An idyllic day, and our hero is prancing about in little but boots, a cape, and a sturdy loincloth.  But not far away, two villains are slaughtering bunnies, squirrels, and other quaint woodland creatures by the dozen.  Then, a fateful moment: all three meet on a bridge.  Then our hero changes to his combat equipment and promptly blows away both villains in one spell!  Teehee~

“Players will quickly need to learn that they cannot judge a player’s capabilities solely by what they’re wearing now,” said Yasmine, the Sanbox Interactive Community Manager.  “Because equipment dictates what a player is capable of, assuming someone wearing simple farming gear is not a powerful player can be, as the video shows, quite a costly mistake!”

Albion Online is the first true cross-platform MMO, running on different devices including Windows, iOS and Android at the same time and in the same world!   All platforms will have the same gaming experience, with both PVE and PVP action, which the video shows off in real time to give players a deeper understanding of how the singular game experience is played no matter what device you’re using.  You’ll never know if your opponent is on a PC or an iPad!

Albion Online will go into beta in early 2014 and players can get all the latest updates by following the game on Facebook at and Twitter: @albiononline, or on Google+ and on YouTube at

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About Sandbox Interactive

We are Sandbox Interactive, an independent company founded in January 2012 and based in Berlin, Germany. We believe that the creation of your own world and interaction with other players are paramount to entertainment -- and both creating and interacting are best experienced in sandbox games. That’s why we are extremely passionate about sandbox MMORPGs. Currently, we are a team of 12 full time employees and 9 freelancers, all working hard on our project Albion Online. Most of us are coders and artists. We believe that delivering a great product is most important. That’s why we focus on our game rather than on marketing or a huge B2B network. And even more important, everyone in our team is still a gamer themselves and loves games. We hope that you will be able to feel this love in our game.

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