Saturday, 26 March 2016

Android indie game review - Ginger Roll

In Ginger Roll you play a ball in a bubble of some sort (I forget exactly why, but the plot is unimportant), trying to make it to the finish line of each level.  The first level is easy but it doesn’t take long to get tricky – as soon as level 5 in the first world in fact gets pretty challenging!  You have things to collect along the way and of course the obligatory enemies, power-ups and power-downs.  Once you get into this game there is rarely a dull moment!

You play the game using your phone’s motion sensing, and the controls work very well and are nicely responsive.  The challenge level to play the game well gets high very quickly, but I never had the sense that it was the controls letter me down (just my reflexes, sadly not as good as they used to be! L).  There are plenty of levels to play so this will keep you going for some time.  There is a preview for each level to give you an overview of the whole thing.  The graphics are suitably cartoony and the music is good, bouncing along merrily as you struggle with the levels. 

If you like games that use motion-sensing and require a good deal of skill, you will enjoy Ginger Roll.  The short levels make it suitable as a tea-break game, but the number of levels means you will get a good amount of gameplay out of it long-term too.

(Android version reviewed on Samsung A3.)

Ginger Roll for Android

Ginger Roll for iOS
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