Friday, 12 February 2016

Eat and earn in HYPER Snake!

Remember the game on the Nokia phones that ate many hours of your life?  (Go on, admit it!)  Well, it's back with a vengeance.

Yeah I know, there have been thousands of variations of "Snake" or "Nibbles" for many years now.  The difference with this one is, you can earn gaming cryptocurrency HYPER simply by playing it.  The game is beautifully retro with awesomely bad 8-bit chip sound effects provided by myself (listed as "Team Disaster" in the credits).

Here's the skinny...

Earn HYPER by playing Snake!

Steps to play:
Disable ad block if you use ad block. It wont let you play if ad block is enabled.
Register an account(Recommended to use a secure password you don't use on other websites)
Sign in and click on "Account" on the navigation bar near top of page.
Add your Hyper wallet address and click "Update withdrawal address"
Then click the "Play Snake" button in navigation bar.

The controls are arrow keys and WASD.
Currently only Hyper is supported but GP and C2 will be added.
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