Monday, 1 October 2018

VR Hoverbike FPS Ground Runner: Trials Coming This October

VR Sci-Fi Hoverbike FPS Ground Runner: Trials is leaving Early Access this October. 

Ground Runner: Trials fuses FPS action with intense vehicle combat to create an incredibly immersive VR experience.

You play as a Ground Runner: a scavenger whose job is to scour the mining planet on your hoverbike, looking for precious Torsion Crystals - a newly discovered, extremely powerful resource. 

To survive, you'll need to outrun and outgun the shadowy corporate Alliance that will do all they can to acquire these crystals, even if it means taking you down in the process. 

  • Fully upgradable hoverbike with 360-degree view hands-only controls for total immersion
  • 4 varied weapons (single and duel-wielded) including Electro-Pulse, Rocket Launcher, Beam Cannon and more
  • Multiple large-scale maps to traverse
  • 8 single-player missions to conquer
  • Different modes to take part in including Arcade Mode, instantly dropping you into the heart of the action
  • Multiple enemy types to crush
  • Convert loot to credits and upgrade your bike, improving thrust, handling and power
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