Sunday, 21 October 2018

Two ArenaNet devs made an indie, VR game

Spokane, WA USA FunnerSoft announced that PlanTechtor will be available for purchase on Steam starting early 2019. Intense VR action meets deep strategic planning in PlanTechtor.

PlanTechtor is definitely a passion project. It was developed on the side while they continued to work a full time job. They love games that let the player min-max their strategy, and so designed that as the core element of PlanTechtor.

Lester and Isaiah are both veterans of the gaming industry; having worked on AAA games for 15 years each. Combined they have shipped 16 titles across 6 platforms. Isaiah is the design director for all of ArenaNet. Lester has spent his career as a programmer. Earlier this month Lester left AAA behind in order to focus on PlanTechtor full time.

"After putting nearly 2 thousand work hours into PlanTechtor; I was still having fun play testing it. That's when I knew I needed to give it all my focus." - Lester Bloom

Check out the Steam Store page.

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