Friday, 19 October 2018

Train Valley 2 goes electric with its biggest update yet

Train lovers, enjoy the landscape and views and please stay in your seats for just a little while longer -- for this train is about to reach the Electric Era! Indie studio Flazm is happy to announce that its train management and puzzle game Train Valley 2 is about to receive a new major update. In this new content, players will be able to build their railroad networks in 10 new exciting levels set just with electricity as its main theme. These new levels feature a whole new game mechanic and a new resource: you have to feed power plants (fuel, hydroelectric, and nuclear plants) to keep them working to produce electricity for other buildings in the map. Build new tool factories and oil refineries, pump lakes to make your trains cross the valley in new daring railroads, decorate your levels with dozens of new items available in the Level Editor, and see how Tesla’s tower strikes your tracks with their lightning – all in Train Valley 2!


  • Create your railroad network across 10 new levels set in the Electric Age 
  • Build up to 2 different power plants and keep them working to produce electricity for other production buildings in the map 
  • Work in 8 hi-level production buildings, including oil refineries, chemical plants, rolling mills and new tools factories
  • Enjoy special events such as using the pump to lower the water level in the lake or Tesla’s tower striking your rail tracks with lightning!
  • Use dozens of new decoration items in the Level Editor

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