Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Sofus and the Moonmachine - A storybook adventure 4+

Explore a magical forest planet, build a spaceship, help your strange little buddy Sofus on a dangerous journey, escape from the prison of the robot king, find your way out a labyrinth and more...

The idea behind Sofus and the Moonmachine is one that has been quite close to my heart for some time - a point and click adventure game for young children (around age 4-8).   It's something I've rarely seen done well and an idea that I've not successfully dealt with myself (yet...?).  Since this game is currently only available for iOS devices, sadly I still won't be able to check out this one, but if you have young children and have an iPhone / iPad, it definitely looks one well worth checking out.

- Interactive illustrations
- 100+ verses with rhymes
- Fully animated characters
- 3 adventurous chapters containing 19 scenes.
- Unique music and sound effects in every scene.

It's available on the iTunes Store - oh and don't worry, although the info says it's Danish only, the dev assures me that it does support English too!

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