Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Indie Game Review - Ole Bunny (Android)

You're a bunny and love to smell the roses.  That's just great, but unfortunately you've decided to do it right inside a bull-fighting arena.  So yes, there are lots of lovely roses to smell, but also lots of bulls charging around ready to trample you.

That's the premise of Sekip Game's new Android release, "Ole Bunny".  It's an arcade style game where you control your little bunny, grabbing roses and avoiding bulls.  The control system is a little odd - you tap the screen to change direction, with your bunny travelling diagonally and changing direction in 90° anticlockwise steps.  This all feels rather unintuitive initially but after a while you get more or less used to it.  Certainly it increases the challenge of the game and means that you probably need to use a little more strategy than you would if you had more fluid controls.  There are some fun power-ups to collect too.

Collect the roses, avoid the bulls.  I mean, just how hard can it be?

The graphics are simple but nonetheless have a lot of character and charm, music is suitably frantic and  the sound effects are quite amusing.  You can customise the appearance of your bunny too.   I've had a few goes and my high score is still only 11! 

Ole Bunny is a fun game that demands a lot of attention.  Given that cute bunnies and suchlike hold a natural appeal to young children, it's a shame that (unless future updates perhaps introduce an easier option)  the difficulty level will probably put younger players off.  The number of ads didn't seem too bad.

Don't worry, that's not bunny blood, it's just rose petals.

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