Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Indie Game Review - Motorsport Manager (Android)

This is a brilliant game which combines reasonably deep strategy (nothing too heavy, but enough to keep things interesting) with races that, despite the tiny track and cars being depicted by dots, manages to really capture the player's imagination.  Like so many games of this ilk it starts off quite tough but slowly becomes rather easy once you've mastered the strategy and gained all the available updates in-game.  

You control your team's finances, hire top Engineers, improve your aerodynamics, design and manufacturing capabilities, hire and fire drivers, build training facilities, and suchlike.  The interface is very clean and intuitive, with enough options to make it feel like you're making a difference to your team but certainly nothing overwhelming even if you can only play the game in 5-10 minute snatches.  The races similarly give you control over tyre choice, your driver's racing styles and pitstop strategy, with this bit of course given you real-time control (with time acceleration options).  It's just enough to make you feel the triumph of a well worked strategy or the pain of pitting at the wrong times.  Sometimes you get feedback from your drivers which is a nice touch.

Basically if you like motor racing and want a game that for quite a while will give you a reasonable level of challenge, and can be played in short bursts but can easily have you immersed for longer periods if you let it, this is a real gem.

Available on the Google Playstore.  The game is completely free and with a little persistence you most definitely don't need to spend money, though if you want to boost your in-game cash to speed things up you can.  The game never forces the in-app purchases down your throat at all, which is a welcome change for mobile games!  
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